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Onward and Upward


For those who have been wondering, yes, Cuppa is still around and we do plan to reopen in another brick and mortar location ASAP, but when exactly we still don’t know. Over the summer months, owner Evan Farmer was working on the Cuppa Bus, doing events both private and public with Cuppa, and has been acclimating to being a stay at home dad. In the mean time, Evan and his wife Koren have also been preparing for the birth of their fourth child, which will most likely happen early next year. Evan has also been working on learning web design and doing freelance work on the side.

All things considered, we have decided that even though the space that is to be Cuppa’s new home will hopefully have a soft opening in December, Cuppa probably won’t be able to reopen until sometime in February or March, as we’ll be getting used to having a baby again. The good news is that, for the time being, Cuppa has partnered with American Trash Studios, and will be serving coffee there at various art events over the next few months, to help keep the business afloat and continue providing delicious coffee and specialty drinks for the public once again, even if it is on a limited basis. So, keep an eye out for more info about upcoming shows you can come see us at in the near future.

In the mean time, you can also order coffee (and Cuppa t-shirts) through our webstore, and we also occasionally offer coffee specials on our facebook page, if you keep up to date with us there. Thank you for all your support and encouragement over the years…we have really missed seeing our friends and regular customers on a daily basis, and can’t wait to get back to it!

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Hello world!

We’ve created this site to engage with our friends and fans during our extended hiatus. In March of 2015, we temporarily closed and moved out of the most recent location we were sharing with the Pickle Barrel Deli in downtown Jackson. Originally, we hoped to be closed for only a couple of months, while construction was being done on the building we’re planning on moving into, which is downtown next to City Hall, at 159 W. Michigan Avenue. Unfortunately, due to problems the building owner has had with financing approval and construction delays, we have not been able to reopen.

Since we committed to being part of this awesome new artisan marketplace, which will be called the Mercado on Michigan, and because the vision and goals of this space are so in line with our own, we haven’t wanted to reopen in any another location, since it would only be temporary. Other personal considerations and life events have also prompted us to decide to just wait it out, but with growing uncertainty about the future of Cuppa. So, we decided to set up this website, to continue communicating with those still seeking our products, service, and company and plan to launch a greatly improved and more engaging site once we’re more certain about our reopening. We’re still selling retail bags of Populace Coffee, which can be ordered through this site, or by contacting us through Facebook page, or our Contact Page. We know it’s a bit unorthodox, but we’re trying to what we can to keep the Cuppa dream alive!

Thank you for patience and understanding.