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Long Gone Update

We are here…

We’ve been away for quite some time, just doing life, working on projects at home and learning together as a family. Evan has been working on an organic farm out in Chelsea since April of 2016, but as this year is coming to a close, he’s looking to bring work and social life back closer to home. We miss serving coffee in our hometown community and are looking for ways to get back into it once again.

roaming goat

One way that this is going to happen for us in the short term will be through Evan working at Grass Lake’s newest coffee shop…a sweet little place called Roaming Goat Coffee! He’s excited to get back into brewing and serving the best espresso and coffee in all of Jackson county. Roaming Goat serves up great varietals from local roasters such as Hyperion Coffee, and other specialty coffees as well…not to mention, the best quality locally made salads, soups, and baked goods!!

roaming goat interior

After almost a 2 year hiatus from coffee, we’re ready to have a place to get together with people, share warm, tasty beverages, discuss ideas, and tell stories. For us, this will be a good first step toward our goal of reopening Cuppa, eventually. Yes, it is still our hope that we will open once again in the space downtown that is slated to become the Mercado on Michigan. And Roaming Goat will be a great source of inspiration and hope for the greater coffee community in Jackson.

…and so are you.

Chance and circumstance have delayed the process of re-establishing Cuppa for many reasons, but we have felt strongly that the Mercado is the only place we want to reopen, and that the presence of this place among the downtown business community will be transformative for our city…so we want to be a part of it!

We also want to be a part of the burgeoning community of deep local businesses and other entrepreneurial endeavors that seek to build others up, support our local economy, and foster goodwill among everyone who calls Jackson home. It’s great to see fresh and inspiring projects like Community Vibrations, We Made It and American Trash Studios, and other various places popping up downtown.

New adventures!

Another reason that we have not been urgently trying to get Cuppa open again is the fact that we have four little boys that keep us quite busy. Evan has also been working on learning web development and creating a digital design agency with his life partner, Koren.


evanjfarmer webdev is what we came up with, and we hope to forge partnerships with other entrepreneurs, small businesses, and creatives of all kinds to help build robust website solutions and an authoritative online presence that will inspire followers and excite loyal fans of your unique products and distinctive brands.

We want to work toward a better future for our community and our state, however we can. Lately, our world seems like it is becoming an increasingly crazy place, and what we need now more than ever are spaces to create, meet up, learn, and interact face to face. Our internet-mediated interactions are fragmenting the fabric of our society…we need to get beyond the air of divisiveness and misinformation in our culture. Let’s come together!

Right now!!farmer-fam