Cuppa originally opened at Art 634 in the spring of 2011, as a community based artisan coffee shop, with a focus on quality handmade pour over coffee, espresso drinks, and healthy, nutritious food items. The idea caught on slowly but surely, and owners Evan and Koren Farmer felt right at home in the arts community that had been building up there at Art 634. Then in 2014, due to a growing concern about the many aspects of sustaining a business, Cuppa moved downtown to partner with the Pickle Barrel Deli.

The space that Cuppa and the Pickle Barrel were sharing had limitations, but the owners of both businesses felt confident that it would work, and they would soon relocate both businesses to a larger space, in order to expand operations and invest more in the community of Jackson. However, it ended up being more difficult to maintain than expected, a new location prospect for Cuppa had opened up, and Cuppa’s owner, Evan Farmer had some health issues to address, so Cuppa moved out in March of 2015.

The new space that Cuppa was supposed to move into was not yet under construction, and it was expected to get underway in the spring of 2015, so Evan and Koren hoped to reopen the coffee shop in the summer of 2015 at the latest. But, due to delays in funding and other construction projects downtown, the building owner has been unable to open the new artisan marketplace (which will be called the Mercado on Michigan), to this day.

Future home of the Mercado on Michigan

Evan and Koren are still hoping to reopen a brick and mortar location for Cuppa sometime in the near future. If nothing else, there are still plans to operate a coffee shop on wheels out of an old school bus…a coffee food truck, if you will, called the Cuppa Bus! Since the Cuppa Bus is still under construction though, it will still be some time before that project is up and running as well. So, if you’d like to help support Cuppa and keep the dream alive, get in touch through our Contact page, or let’s chat sometime about collaborating somehow.